Top Earners Hall of Fame

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These are yearly Incomes!

1. Holton Buggs – Organo Gold USA $15,600,000

2. Angela & Rayne Ho – Nu Skin Singapore  $13,200,000

3. Dexter YagerAmway USA  $12,000,000

4. Shane Morand – Organo Gold Canada  $12,000,000

5. Jose Ardon – Organo Gold USA $8,700,000

6. John Sachtouras – Organo Gold USA $8,400,000

7. Barry Chi & Holly Chen – Amway Taiwan  $7,800,000

8. Peggy Britt – Amway USA $6,000,000

9. Brian McClure – Ambit Energy USA $5,424,000

10. Raquel Cortez – Herbalife Mexico $5,400,000

11. Christian Steinkeller – Organo Gold Italy $5,400,000

12. Foo Howe Kean – Amway Malaysia  $5,400,000

13. George Zalucki & Art N.- ACN USA $4,800,000

14. Sunny Su – Amway Taiwan $4,800,000

15. Enrique Varela – Herbalife Mexico $4,740,000

16. Steve Thompson – Ambit USA $4,440,000

Vick Strizheus – Empower Network Top Earners Hall Of Fame

17. Vick Strizheus – Empower USA $4,320,000

Nick and Ashley Sarnicola Top Earner Hall Of Fame

18. Nick & Ashley Sarnicola – ViSalus USA $4,200,000

Carol Ken Porter Top Earners Hall Of Fame

19. Carol & Ken Porter – Monavie USA $4,200,000

David Wood and David Sharpe Top Earners Hall Of Fame

20. Wood & Sharpe – Empower USA $4,200,000

21. Jim & Nancy Dornan – Amway  USA $4,200,000

22. Max Schwarz – Amway Germany $4,200,000

23. Tae Ho Kim – Herbalife Korea $4,200,000

24. Philip Eckart – Ambit Energy USA $3,888,000

Comment by ng soo fong on February 5, 2013 at 8:08pm

which ompany is the top on MLM?

Comment by ng soo fong on February 5, 2013 at 8:09pm

is it the ORGANO GOLD?

Comment by ng soo fong on February 5, 2013 at 8:09pm


Comment by Chris McColgan on April 6, 2013 at 11:00pm

Congrats to my sponsor Shane Morand, Organo Gold.

Comment by Chris McColgan on April 6, 2013 at 11:03pm

Congrats to my Sponsor Shane Morand. Organo Gold

Comment by Isaac Chacon on April 8, 2013 at 10:21am
My mentors, the Nilsen family will be on this list within the year. Mr. Stephen, Mrs. Deanna and Mrs. Casey Nilsen Martin truly set a standard precedence for integrity and immediate but consistent success, in not just OG but the whole industry.
Comment by Fernando Escaffi on April 9, 2013 at 10:22am

Organo Gold is in fact the fastest vehicle to reach success. No other company has created as many millionaires in such of short period of time as Organo Gold did. They did it during the last 4 years and in the middle of the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression of the 1930's 80 years ago.

It's Easy It's Very Simple,  It has a few delicious Products of massive consumption. If Interested call 703-904-1000

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Comment by Fernando Escaffi on May 7, 2013 at 10:26pm
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Comment by Chris McColgan on May 7, 2013 at 11:31pm

Hi Fernando. where are you from?


Comment by Chris McColgan on May 7, 2013 at 11:37pm

Sorry Stephane. I could not back to you sooner.

Comment by Chris McColgan on May 7, 2013 at 11:38pm

Hi where are you from Empire?

Comment by Aroha Marunui on May 28, 2013 at 6:26am

Looking forward to Organo Gold launching here in New Zealand and Australia.  Wow the stats speak for itself if youre keen on jumping aboard with the fastest growing company in the world that is producing the highest income earners in the world with the KING of compensation plans then call me +6421741205 or send me an email

Comment by Chris McColgan on May 28, 2013 at 7:34am

Hi Aroha! Are there any scheduled meeting in NZ. I am working with my friend and sponsor Shane Morand to set up a team in NZ. My E mail: We are looking for leaders to position themselves now so that we are off and running when it launches.

Comment by Tabita Gutierrez on June 11, 2013 at 8:23pm

Congratulations mr Holton Boggs and Jose Ardon you are greats mentors!! Organo Gold The fastest growing  company!! Change your life!! Send me an email

Comment by genaro garcia on June 13, 2013 at 1:12am

All the mlm have opportunity to make income, and in  all of them must to move product or services, but in few mlm you receive residual income and in only some companies you have the opportunity to share the corp or mlm profits, and you will count with a new company in wich you are up and will be down and still making god money, im doing that and invite to all of you to take this opportunity, personaly I  know some friends making 10k daily except sundays,i wish the same income and im on the way but I will help you too if you whant, that's the magic word, if you whant only...nothing to me by  or come to my office in thousand oaks,ca. e mail me and I will reserve the appointment, enjoy the life helping others.

Comment by Adiam on June 15, 2013 at 1:03am

Organo Gold is the best company because our lider is the number one Mr.Holton Buggs, also the first hispanish who is the only one in the worl in network marketing Mr.Jose Ardon, only 4th. grade in education and looks where we are. I'm so bless when Ligia and Nelson find me one day. I was very impressed the way they act, very happy, very energetic and very wealthy. I asked them what they do or what kind of business they are in, and we a biggest smile and friendly attitude they said Organo Gold the company that changed our life.!!!!!!!!!!!! Only one month and half, my mind changed completely I signed up inmediately after I saw the presentation. I was very quiet and calm until I discovered there is great things that you are able to do. Think and Grow Rich that book was already in my life long time ago. I asked God for a miracle to find something great to help others and Organo Gold was the answer to my prayers. God bless Ligia and Nelson from Maryland Henry's Aldana team!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a great night and bless weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by EDGAR B.NOBLEJAS on July 4, 2013 at 7:46am

hi,coaches us to know more about Organo Gold?

Comment by Charlie Arsenio Mamolo on July 8, 2013 at 2:03am

organogold is the  best company all over the world

Comment by SUE NICOL on July 20, 2013 at 8:36pm

Extraordinary accomplishments by all these MLM business people!  Even with exceptional products, it takes a lot of dedication and motivation to achieve this sort of success.  They deserve to reap the rewards for this sort of commitment.   It just shows you the truth in the phrase "If you help others get what they want, you will get what you want"    Multi-level Marketing 'knockers' perhaps need to re think their views.   I have just started with Organo Gold in Australia and not on any money earners lists, but for me it's about the anyway One step at a Time    It gives people the chance to do and have and share things they never thought possible.   Hope is a pretty powerful thing  ...Just have a go


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Mynt Opens Japan In April

Reliv Down 19.8% In Q4 – 2014 To $14.1Million

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Brent And Ann Palmer Surpass $1 Million In Earnings At LIMU

Direct Sales Leaders Launch “Women United for Change

Amway’s DeVos Family Buys Stake In Chicago Cubs

LIMU Plans International Expansion

LiveSmart 360 In Trouble?

President of Black Wall Street New Jersey George Hornsby Joins Conligus

Younique In The United Kingdom Break Records

Top 200 Worldwide Earners In MLM – March 2015

Mark Yarnell, Famous Author Of ‘Your First Year In Network Marketing’, Passes Away

NHTC Reports 2014 Revenues Up 137% To $124.6 Million

Chandra Putra Negara – Kangzen Hits $120,000 Per Month

FuXion Celebrates Million Dollar Earners

How Bella Weems Started A Million-Dollar Business Before She Turned 18

Yoli Launches In Canada

Turkey To Regulate Sales Outside Of Workplace And Direct Selling

Federal Court To Rule On Alleged Sham Contracting In The Australian MLM Industry

Alejandro Mateo Meroño From Spain Becomes Vi’s First 4-Star Ambassador In Mainland Europe

GWT Ambassador, Jenett Beaver Reaches 25 Million in VDM Retail Sales

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MONAT Announces New President

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Reliv Earns New Research Patent

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FTC To Issue Refund To Victims Of BurnLounge

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Bounty Brands Expands With Acquisition

India’s Modicare Revamps With New Products & Plan

MusclePharm To Launch Direct Selling For 40+ Demographic

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Eureka Forbes Aims To Be Billion Dollar Co By 2020

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LifeWave Wins ETHOS Award For Product Innovation

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Bank Of Hungary – Issued Warning For Crypto Currencies

Global Travel Group Launches Services For The Direct Selling Industry

Yevo International’s Manufacturing Facility Opens In Reno

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34% British Have Bought Through Direct Selling

WFDSA: Global Direct Selling Industry Records New High At $182.8 billion

The MLM Attorney – Deals Not Disclosed Is Fraud

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China’s Direct Selling Boom Fuels European Tourism

Sophie Paris Expands In Philippines With 400,000+ Members

All’Asta Recognized Rising Star By DSA, 352% Sales Increase

Direct Selling Momentum Ranks June 2015

Fatih Yazici – Mega Holdings Hits $1 Million In Career Earnings

Africa’s Solar Sister Empowers Women With Clean Energy

PM-International Partners With Hyperwallet Payment Solutions

Relationship Marketing Coaching Company Launches In The UK

DSA Announces ETHOS Awards

Nigerian Entrepreneur Promotes Green Energy Through MLM

India To Introduce New SOPs For Law Enforcement Investigating Illegal MLM

Peruvian Direct Selling Supplier Acquired

US Direct Selling Grew By 5.5% to $34.47 Billion

New MLM Sekai Ichi International launches In Indonesia

AIM Global Marks Anniversary With World’s Largest Human Smiley

Spanish Direct Selling Sector Generates 634 Million Euros In 2014

ByXpress Launches

David B. Holl Appointed Direct Selling Association Chairman

Top Earner Helen Dela’houssaye Resigns From Ardyss

Sophie Paris Celebrates 20 Years Of MLM Success

Forbes Recognizes Cindy Monroe, Thirty-One Gifts, As One Of 8 Women To Watch

Forbes Recognizes Cindy Monroe, Thirty-One Gifts, As One Of 8 Women To Watch

Rodan+Fields Founders Valued At $320 Million Each By Forbes

Italian MLM Evergreen Life Achieved 5.7 Million Sales In 2014

Paulo Barroso – Top Internet Marketer Interview

Eureka Forbes Eyes Rs 500 Crore Sales In Air Purifier Market

German Direct Selling Vorwerk Closed 2014 With 2.8 Billion Euros

Zhulian Myanmar Operations To Kick off Next Month

Philippines Task force Uncovers 43 Suspected Ponzi firms

Stampin’ Up! CEO Steps Down To Serve LDS Mission

Four Oceans To Pre-Launch In 5 Countries

Vector Marketing Professional Sells $1 Million In 5.5 Years

Stream Energy Launches Mobile Services

TriVita Pays $3 Million In Refund Checks For Class Action

Young Living Essential Oils Donate $100k To Nepal Relief

Regeneca Worldwide Announces New President

Saladmaster Wins UK DSA Leadership Award

Direct Selling Momentum Ranks 18 May 2015

How 14 Years Old Girl Savannah Payne Got Famous In The Direct Selling Industry

Ahmad Evaji – CEO Nuviza Interview

Karen Aycock – Zurvita Top Earner Interview

DXN Recalling Products in Canada

Kelly Bangert – Top Earner and Top Trainer Interview

Infinitus China to Take 12,700 People to Thailand

LEO sponsors DSA UK 50th Anniversary Event

Gano Excel Loses Lawsuit Against Colombian Progal BT

Longaberger To Close Mall Outlet Stores, Focus On Direct Sales

PM-International Opens Its New International HQ In Schengen, Luxembourg

Enjo Australia Restructures Business Model

SAMI Direct Launches Health Drink Approved by FSSAI

Jusuru Wins Global Nutrition Award

Roger Langille – DS Domination CEO Steps Down

China’s Unveils New Version of Direct Selling Business License

NHTC Posts $6.7 million Profit in Q1

Juha Parhiala – OneCoin Hits $625,000 Per Month

Latin American MLM Yanbal Partners with French Perfumer Arnaud Winter

Indian Direct Selling Contributes USD 157 Million To Govt In Taxes

OneCoin – 240,000 Paid Members After 5 Months

Indian Direct Selling Industry Doubles In Last Decade

India’s Sami Direct Opens first Brand Centre in Bangalore

DSA Appoints Steve Tew To Board

I Am a Force4Good Founder Announces Launch of Direct Selling Company

JAFRA Cosmetics Names New President of Brazil & S.America

Direct Selling Momentum Ranks April 2015

YOR Health Appoints Hattie Boydle to Athletic Advisory Board

Latvia MLM Industry generates 29.7 million Euro in 2014

Avidus Completes Merger Of MLM Companies Asantae And Truestar

Shaklee Opens Global Innovation Centre

South African Miglio Designer Jewellery Expanding To Australia And New Zealand

LEO Launches In USA

Russian Direct Selling Industry Generates $2.73 Billion In 2014

Rolf Kipp – FLP Top Earner Hits A $1.2 Million Bonus

Top Earner Romacio Fulcher Resigns From LiveSmart 360

Top 5 Mistakes New Network Marketers Make

Scary Mom Makes A Not-So-Scary Attack Against Direct-Selling

Italian Direct Selling Industry Revenues Increase To 1.3 Billion Euro

SEC shuts down Achieve Community for Pyramiding

Indian Trade Body Asks Govt for Direct Selling Regulations

New MLM Laguna Blends To Launch Hemp Products

Russia’s Siberian Health Opens Indian Office

Tanzanian MLM Rifaro Africa Launches Mobile Airtime Product

LEO And LEOcoin Denies Ponzi Allegations

Important Mexican MLM Company Is Looking For An Investor

Telecom Plus Q1 Profits Down To £52 Million GBP

TriVita Loses Trademark After FTC Fines Them $3.5 Million

Hindustan Unilever Network Launches E-Commerce for Direct Sales

Steam Energy Expands Nationwide Services

PM International Opens Its Asia-Pacific HQ

How To Explain Direct Selling – MLM To A Business Man Or Woman

FTC Commissioner Praises Direct Sellers

Indian Govt Looks Abroad For Anti-Pyramiding Laws

Philippines MLM Splash Profits Up 46% in Q1

LEOCoin Founders Linked to Pyramid Scheme in Pakistan

India’s Chamber of Commerce Seeks MLM Legislation

$ 1.1 Billion Indian Direct Selling Industry Affected By Lack Of Laws

Understanding Pyramid Scams

Baltic Direct Selling Market Grew By 2.5% In 2014 To 102 Million

PUR Attitude Pre-Launches In The USA

Sozo Global Aquires New Technology

India’s Eureka Forbes Switches from Direct Selling to Retail

CAbi Launches Microlending Program To Create 8,200 Jobs

Edmark Opens Branch in Zimbabwe

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